Mapscroller Diaries: I started my long pending newsletter with stories about people and places I encountered while goofing around. Please read the first one and subscribe for more :D https://1upkd....
Uploaded a cool photo of a vintage car on unsplash.com https://unsplash.com/photos/7JOqsxyq1ac
Made a WhatsApp group for freelance developers in Bangalore, India. If you are a freelance dev, hit me up at https://wa.me/919538065734 to join :D
Designed an app and developed it with flutter for a client.
https://open.spotify.com/album/4qZnST8gPakmRV3lELs1Jg Released Chaapsticks with https://trac.co
Played Badminton :)
Designed a brand style guide for a yet to be released product.
Deployed a NodeJS/MongoDB based backend system on Ubuntu Server using NGINX
Implemented a review and 5 star rating system in a project
Tuned a guitar. More specifically, tuned my broken guitar. Read more at https://1upkd.com/zen-and-guitar-repair
Added some columns on a Django app running on a Postgresql Database
A much needed break
Played around with QGis, GeoJSON.io and Uber's H3 for indexing some geographic data.
Setup analytics for https://warpzone.wios.xyz using https://thesemetrics.org
Made (red sauce) pasta! Finally happy to have put together a palatable recipe 😁
Made a flutter app to connect with Raspberry Pi 😁
Raspberry Pi are rough and smooth at the same time 🙂
Launched WarpZone - a chrome extension to replace your new tab page with useful links and relevant search from your browsing history and bookmarks. Also comes with a handy note taker https://warpzo...
Designed a chrome extension for custom new tab page and submitted for review. https://warpzone.wios.xyz
http://www.playzhed.com/ One crazy puzzle game with 100 levels. I like checking out simple, minimal games and hope to build one myself someday.
Designed a landing page to capture intent from google ads
Made Lemongrass Tea. Bye bye June!
Scoped an IoT product feature for a client to optimize connecting to and pulling data from a nearby Raspberry Pi device
Went cycling after a long time; to an iconic garden in the city https://maps.app.goo.gl/cnjnsKrx5WBtpoH89
Setup a catch-all email for my domain: hitmeup@1upkd.com or sayhi@1upkd.com
Setup Metabase to visualize app database. Metabase is an open source Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that can be self-hosted and connects to existing data sources, like an SQL / MongoDB databa...
Designed and implemented Phone Number OTP based login with Twilio API within 4 hours, after Firebase imposed a limit of 500 SMS/day for the service. Phew!
Designed a mobile app to collect image data from an IoT device and push it to a cloud server for analysis
Migrated a MongoDB database to Postgresql. No particular reasons except for team's familiarity with SQL over MongoDB. Peewee ORM is such a breeze to use. http://docs.peewee-orm.com/en/latest/
Improved page load by fixing some database queries that had gone real bad. Turns out sorts add a lot of overhead
Deployed Ejabberd on Ubuntu 20.04 for personal use and tinkering. Ejabberd is a XMPP chat server used by many major chat services (eg. WhatsApp) that is insanely scalable.
Designed a backend system to be implemented with NodeJS and MongoDB for a client
Made a wrapper around BueatifulSoup4 to reduce boilerplate code on my usual HTML parsing workflow https://pypi.org/project/awesome-rasam/